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Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire Nadrich & Cohen As Your Lawyers In A Serious Legal Matter

The reason you should hire us is because we know that in every case the defense lawyers will blame others including even our client for what happened. We have no false expectations of what the defense will do.

They will say, for example that their dangerous condition did not exist, they did not manufacture the defective product, our client did something wrong, etc.

The reason why we are successful is because we will work 24 / 7 no matter the circumstances to obtain the truth and no matter what the cost involved so we can prove the truth to the insurance company, judge or jury. We will never give up if we represent you. We believe our settlements and victories reflect that we will never give up.

If we take your case, we will move mountains to win.

Because of our track record often we can settle with the defendant out of court.

Please go to our settlements and victories to read about our achievements.

We only represent those who have been seriously harmed due to the negligence and dangerous condition of other individuals, as well as government entities or manufacturers. We represent those who suffered serious injuries, families of those who have been killed and their loved ones.

Our cases involve all aspects of personal injury including auto, motorcycle, bicycle, personal injury, dog bites, dangerous drugs, dangerous medical devices, chemical exposure and dangerous products or premises.

We represent injury victims on a contingency basis. If there is no settlement or verdict our clients will never pay a fee for any of our costs, services, expenses or fees. A contingency fee allows the average American to obtain top quality legal services and the full availability of our legal system.

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  1. Our mission is to our Client. Our client is our greatest interest. We only represent injured victims and injured workers against insurance companies, Fortune 500 companies, and pharmaceutical companies. We do no other type of legal work. You need aggressive lawyers to fight corporate America, and that is what we do. We have represented clients who have recovered millions of dollars from the largest corporations. We want to represent you if you have a viable case.
  2. Please see our settlements and victories.  They speak for themselves. We will do the same for you in the appropriate case.
  3. Contingency Fee.  We are contingency lawyers, which means if no recovery, there will be no fee charged – No Exceptions. This means our clients do not have to pay any costs, fees, or expenses until and unless we obtain a recovery from the at-fault party or at-fault corporation. There is never any exception to this rule. We charge a fair percentage of the total award or settlement plus our costs and expenses, which we advance.
  4. Free legal advice. Please contact us for a free assessment of your injury claim. Remember, the clock is ticking. Time is of the essence. Call us toll-free at 1-800-718-4658 or complete the email inquiry in our website. You can also click on the live support icon to talk to a qualified firm representative.
  5. Financial resources. We have the financial resources to take on any corporation. Our special and unique manner in handling your case enables our lawyers to monitor, update, and deal with every issue in order to win.
  6. Never a cost to the client. You will never pay anything to allow Nadrich & Cohen, LLP to represent you. Our law firm will advance all expenses in your case. This includes all experts, litigation costs – everything. No matter what it costs, we will pay for it.  Our commitment to you is to win- and advance whatever costs necessary to win.
  7. Latest technology. We use the most modern computer and telecommunications hardware and software in order to present your case in the best manner possible. We use video presentations in our depositions and court so that we can communicate your injuries in the most understandable and comprehensive fashion possible.
  8. Availability. It is very important for you to be able to talk to your lawyer at all times. You can do that at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP. You can talk to us at all times.  You will always have an experienced lawyer working on your case.
  9. Expertise. When you allow us to represent you, you have the benefit of the expertise of a personal injury plaintiff’s law firm that solely represents injury victims against corporations and insurance companies. That is our specialty. We do no other legal work. All of the employees and lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen are passionate to serve you and do the very best for you. We will treat you like family. You will always be #1.  You deserve the best.
  10. Transportation. We travel to visit our clients whether they are at home recuperating or convalescing or in the hospital. Since we represent people from coast to coast, we travel often to visit with our clients. Never fear that we are too far from you because our main offices are in California.  In today’s modern world, we are literally an email or phone call away.     

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