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Berkeley, CA, Is Most Hazardous To Bicyclists

A recent report in the Oakland Tribune has concluded that Berkeley is the most dangerous city in California for bicyclists. Berkeley rates #1 out of 55 similarly sized cities for bicyclists injured and killed. People believe this is because there are more bicyclists in Berkeley than in any other city of similar size.

The Berkeley police have said that the most dangerous intersections are Shattuck and University, San Pablo and Ashby, University and Sixth Street, Ashby and Shattuck, Ashby and Telegraph, Ashby and Seventh Street, and Ashby and Martin Luther King Way. There has been a grant awarded to pay for education on bicycle safety in the city’s elementary and middle schools, and there will be a giveaway next May of 800 free helmets to Berkeley residents. The police have determined that drivers do not notice when bicyclists are next to them, and they often turn into the bicyclist. They also park their car and open the door, and a bicycle hits them.

Our law firm has handled hundreds of cases where a car owner will park his car and open the door in front of a bicyclist who has no choice, but to collide with the car door. Similarly, we have handled hundreds of cases in Berkeley and throughout California of drivers who turn into bicyclists. That is probably 70 % of our car vs. bicycle accidents. If you or a loved one is in a bicycle accident, please contact a bicycle intake specialists at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP . We can also be found at bicycleaccidentattorneys.com Because of our success; we have 24 offices throughout California, including Oakland San Francisco and San Jose.

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