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Oftentimes, if the injury is significant enough and there is a negative police report or no witnesses, as Bicycle Accident Lawyers we will hire an accident reconstruction expert who will reconstruct the bicycle accident. Unfortunately, in dealing with bicyclists, we have discovered all too often the insensitivity and bias of the police to cyclists when they prepare their report and make their conclusions. In a bicycle or bikeaccident, they will often take the word, even though self-serving, of the driver against the bicyclist, without investigating any further. Oftentimes, they never ask the cyclist for their version of what happened. They will just believe the motorist. Too often, bicyclists are hit and do nothing about it because they either do not understand their rights or do not believe they have a case. Sadly, many drivers believe that they are superior to a cyclist and that they have no obligation to the cyclist.

When we need to know the facts of an accident or theyÂ’re in dispute, as California Bicycle Accident Lawyers we need to reconstruct what actually happened. Oftentimes, our accident reconstructionists will take a photo from the exact location that the police photographer took his. By duplicating the exact spot, we can show the alignment of trees and posts in the background and reduplicate the maneuver between the cyclist and car or truck and photograph the entire event. Our experts will take measurements at the location or the intersection and construct a map which will indicate all of the salient locations including the police photographerÂ’s location, the position of the autos, and the bicyclist before and after the accident. We can do this for any bicycle accident scenario. We will reconstruct the path of the bicycle from the physical evidence and any witness reports. This is what a specialized bicycle accident injury law firm, bicycle injury attorney, bicycle accident lawyer will do for their client.

Our bicycle experts will create photos, diagrams, and proper measurements so that we can reconstruct the accident and show that the police diagram or police report is not based on a complete set of measurements and does not accurately reflect what occurred.

From the above, we can then make an independent conclusion to establish what happened, and it was not the way the police concluded what happened.

Please call us immediately so we can help you too. We are bicycle accident specialists. Do not wait. You may be losing important facts, evidence or witnesses.

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