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How We Will Prove Your Bicycle Case

We are experts in successfully proving a bicycle case for our bicycle clients. We have repeatedly proven that our bicycle client is not at fault in an accident with a motor vehicle.

We have on many occasions fought for and successfully shown that there is a system-wide bias against bicyclists in favor of motor vehicle drivers. We have shown that police officers and prosecutors misunderstand and misapply the law concerning a cyclists’ responsibilities and rights. We have shown that investigating police officers do not believe and therefore do not adequately record a cyclists’ versions of the events. They prepare reports based on the drivers’ point of view. We have proven to noncyclist jurors that cyclists do have the right to share the road and are not merely assuming the risk or are a nuisance to motor vehicle drivers.

Of course, in order to be successful, we must have personal knowledge of cycling. We are all cyclists. We also understand the laws, principles and state statutes that apply to cyclists including local ordinances. We are also experts in understanding the mechanisms of injuries and the types of injuries cyclists suffer.

We have a bicycle case checklist which we will use on your case. Our checklist is as follows:


We are experts at countering arguments that our cyclist was in any way at fault or negligent. We go into detail the ingrained bias against the cyclist as well as the police’s misunderstanding of laws as they pertain to cyclists. A key part of our process is educating the police, judges, and insurance companies.

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