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Bicycles have very much come into their own over the past few decades. Their popularity stems partly from the fact that there is very little cost involved with operating and maintaining them, and the fact that they are excellent choices for recreation. The downside to bicycles, however, is that they can be extremely dangerous, particularly when operated around motor vehicles. Collisions, falls, and other accidents are common, and the result is all too often serious injury. Should you be injured in a bicycle accident it is very important that you work with a personal injury attorney. Nadrich & Cohen, LLP has decades of success representing clients just like you.

California law states that cyclists have all the rights and responsibilities of road use as motorists. No matter what the law indicates, however, the sad fact remains that cycling becomes more dangerous when motor vehicles are present. A 30 pound bicycle is no match for a car that weighs over 2,000 pounds. Research has shown that while cyclists at times are careless and place themselves at risk, at least as often motorists drive in ways that are dangerous to the rider. Among the dangers cyclists face in the presence of motor vehicles are:

One may wonder why many of these situations occur. In some cases motorists have admitted that they hate bicycles and were taking their anger out on a cyclist. Much more often, however, drivers seem simply to not see the bicycle.

Nationally half a million cyclists receive medical treatment for injuries they suffer in accidents each year. Every six hours a cyclist is killed. Half of these are children under the age of 16. The most common injuries suffered by riders are those to the head. In fact, 75% of deaths are due to head injuries. Helmets definitely help a person’s chances, for they provide a buffer when the cyclist goes down and his head smashes against the pavement. However, many other injuries are not prevented by helmets, such as those to the back and neck, broken bones, crushed organs, burns, and severe lacerations. The human body simply cannot endure the trauma it suffers when a motor vehicle crashes into the rider at full speed. 
Being proactive and taking safety measures is absolutely vital. Neither Walnut Creek nor Contra Costa County has specific bicycle ordinances on their books, but the city website reviews California bicycle laws and suggests that riders abide by them. Walnut Creek has developed a bike mapping system that is meant to provide cyclists with safe routes to and from anywhere in the county. 
If you have been injured in a bicycle accident that someone else caused, your first duty is to yourself. Make sure that you receive treatment right away. You should have a doctor check you out even if you don’t believe you are hurt. Injuries are not always apparent until days later. Try to take pictures of the accident scene with your cell phone. Obtain the names and contact information of any witnesses, as well as the person who hit you. Make sure that a police report is made. You should then contact a personal injury attorney who has experience with bicycle accident claims. Nadrich & Cohen, LLP has a long track record of success with such claims. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your case. Call us today. 
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