El Monte Opens First-Ever Parking Garage for Bicycles

bicycle_parkingMany medical facilities, colleges and convention centers have parking garages so that motorists can safely park their vehicles while they visit with doctors, attend classes or take in a show or sporting event. Bicycles are typically excluded from this structure, which means that bicyclists would have to find a space and park their bike. Even riding a bike to and from a train station has its challenges, since most buses only have two bike racks. What if both bike racks are occupied? Then the bicyclist has to leave the bike at the bus stop all day.

Fortunately, bike riders in El Monte no longer have to deal with this common dilemma. On September 4th, 2015, the first-ever metro hub for bicycles was opened by BikeHub owner, Gene Oh. This parking garage of sorts opened at the El Monte Bus Station and boasts 700 parking spaces for bikes only. This 1,100-square-foot garage also has bike clinics, repair services and accessory retailers. The facility will be completely secure, thanks to closed-circuit TV surveillance.

The $635,000 facility is like a giant, bike storage room. Only those who pay the membership dues are allowed to enter the room, with an attendant keeping unauthorized people away from bikes, and reducing the risk of theft. Membership Fees are very reasonable, at $5 a day, $12 a month and $60 a year. Bike riders must provide their own lock.

The city of El Monte was selected by BikeHub, due to its large number of daily commuters. This El Monte bus station is the busiest one west of Chicago. Each day, approximately 22,000 locals board buses at this station. With secure bike parking now available, even more residents may take the bus.

Four more facilities like this one are planned at the busiest bus stations in Southern California, including: Culver City, Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood. By 2018, 700 more spaces for bicycles will be added in Los Angeles County.

Facilities like these allow residents to go green, by staying off congested Los Angeles-area roadways. Bicyclists can get exercise and enjoy fresh air without having to worry about their bikes being stolen.

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