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Defective Products For Bicyclists


Bicyclists are protected by the various states Defective Product(s) Laws.  A bicyclist can obtain a  recovery due to a defective product which causes injury.  What occurs with cyclists often regarding defective products are quick – release mechanisms, because these mechanisms are so difficult to operate properly.  The quick release mechanism is, usually, the front wheel, which is either under-tightened or over-tightened.  Many other product liability cases regarding bicycle lawsuits have focused on helmets.

Often, California bicycle accident attorneys such as Nadrich & Cohen, LLP will obtain experts for a bicycle product liability claim in metallurgy, bicycle accident reconstruction, bicycle design, and others.  What you should do if you believe you are injured by a defective product is to preserve all evidence in the exact condition it was at the time of injury.  Do not send any part of the bicycle, helmet, shoes, etc., to anyone.  Time is of the essence.

You must immediately contact Nadrich & Cohen, LLP,  a national defective product liability bicycle law firm or another specialist.

We specialize in presenting all types of bicycle claims.

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It is essential that all of your paperwork is preserved, and all evidence in producing a successful case.  We work on a contingency basis, which mean we are only compensated if there is a monetary recovery. If not, our client owes us nothing no matter what.

We have successfully resolved many product liability and defective product design cases.  We have represented numerous injured bicyclists for injuries caused by negligence of the road, street, or highway condition.

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