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When bicycle accidents occur, they can be devastating. This is especially true when there is an automobile involved. The frightening thing about being on a bicycle is exposure. There is nothing separating you from the automobile.

Many say that bicycles are coming back. They take the increasing number of bicycle accidents as evidence for this. Others argue that cycling has never gone away it is just that economic times are having people rely more on bicycles as transportation versus recreation. The cause of the increase in cycling is irrelevant. The relevant trend here is in the increasing number of bicycle accidents.

Bicycle Accidents in Crosswalk

Bicycle accidents occurring in crosswalks are becoming more and more common.The Outlook, an online Oregon paper, has recently described one such accident. This is what happened.

Daniel Ornelas, 41, was riding his bike and crossing the street at a crosswalk when an oncoming automobile struck him leaving him in serious condition. According to Rick Wilson, a spokesperson for Gresham police, there were two automobiles at the crosswalk. One automobile stopped as required and the other one did not stop.

Safety, Accountability and Bicycle, Accidents

Unfortunately, Ornelas was not wearing a helmet and was found at the scene of the accident suffering from what appeared to be a head injury. Safety is an important issue with cycling and accountability is another related issue. Cyclists need to be accountable to themselves to use the proper safety equipment including helmets and reflective gear.

The truth is that no matter how accountable you are in following safety when riding a bike, there is a responsibility for those sharing the road to be aware of you and be aware of the laws and regulations. Ornelas had no control over the driver of the car that struck him to have him follow the law. The result was a catastrophic misunderstanding. There are those who understand this lack of accountability. If you find yourself suffering from a bicycle accident caused by an unaccountable driver, contact the bicycle accident experts at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP.

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