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Exactly how well versed are you in bicycle accident law?

Bicycle lawsuit research and settlements are one of our specialties. If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, our California attorneys have the in-depth knowledge of the law to assist you in settling your claim. Our injury attorneys work with skilled medical professionals to review your bicycle accident. Your accident will be investigated thoroughly, and we will look at conditions such as auto liability, whether you were wearing a helmet while riding, conditions of the road, and the speed at which the other vehicle was traveling.

The bicycle lawsuit specialists and injury attorneys at Nadrich Law understand the facts when it comes to bicycle accident law. They have extensive experience in litigation, to insure that you get the legal representation you need for your accident injury claim. If you are looking for a California attorney to serve as your injury attorney in a lawsuit against the driver of the other auto, or to assist you in getting compensated for your injuries, call us. We offer free case evaluations on your riding injury, and have you on the road to just compensation.

Were you hit by an auto driven by a drunk driver while you were riding your bicycle? Did you sustain serious injuries in your bicycle accident? We have a California attorney who can represent you in your bicycle lawsuit and help you get the compensation you deserve. A knowledgeable injury attorney at Nadrich Law will look examine such things as road conditions, your injuries sustained while riding, if a helmet was worn, auto liability, and case law to assist you with settling your bicycle accident claim.

Bicycle lawsuits handled by our California attorneys means you’ll get an experienced bicycle accident lawyer to assist you in claim settlement. You be confident when you have a Nadrich injury attorney on your side that we will work hard to get compensation for your riding accident. Whether you were on a main road when the auto hit you, or you were on a side street, or were wearing a helmet or not, our lawyers know California accident law and can advise you on your legal rights. Contact us today!

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