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How The Bicycle Lawyers At Nadrich & Cohen Will Handle Bicycle Accident Cases At Mediation To Effectively Settle The Case By Marshaling All Of The Evidence To Support Our Bicycle Accident Victim's Claim.

Mediation is very commonplace in law. Oftentimes, cases of a certain magnitude settle at a mediation. As attorneys for bicycle accident victims throughout California, including Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, San Bernadino, Santa Ana, Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Diego, we never miss an opportunity to settle our client’s case at mediation. We will always increase the value of a settlement at a mediation by using the evidence we have compiled for our client in the most effective manner possible. We are highly in tune with the skills involved to obtain the very best results at mediation.

The first thing we make sure we do is to share with the defense all of the evidence we have supporting our client’s case so that we can create a condition that allows a mediator to impress upon the defense that we would win at trial and therefore there is no need to go to trial and to settle the case with our client at the mediation. We will arm the mediator with all the information he or she needs so that he or she can challenge the defense by using all evidence that it is hopeless for them to think that they can win at trial. We will get this evidence to the defense and to the mediator before the mediation so that the defense has the opportunity to digest the information so that they will come to the mediation knowing that they will have to pay the plaintiff in order to settle the plaintiff’s claim.

We always prepare an extensive mediation brief in which we compile the facts of the case and to establish our credibility that we have left no stone unturned and that we are prepared to take our client’s claim all the way to trial. The defense knows that we are a worthy adversary and they will then adjust their evaluation of our client’s case accordingly. Credibility is the key and we have that. We go over our client’s injuries in detail in our mediation brief. We discuss how a pre-existing condition has aggravated the injury and therefore it needs to be given full value.

We bring in all the key evidence, including medical reports, performance evaluations, and we summarize the evidence for the mediator and the defense. We discuss the values of all Medicare or Medical liens and if it’s a case involving a design defect, we share our expert witness requests which conclude that there was in fact a design defect. In other words, we give all the ammunition a mediator needs to advocate for the client the largest settlement possible.

We know that we have to give the mediator everything in order for the mediator to help our client. We know that the mediator needs all of our help to deal successfully with the defense. If there are deposition transcripts, we will pinpoint the helpful deposition testimony and provide it to the mediator to show the defense how their defense is hopeless.

Sometimes we will use demonstrative evidence such as Powerpoint presentations, and videos of the accident scene as well as day in the life of our client if he or she suffered from a catastrophic injury such as paraplegia, traumatic head injury, etc.

In the right case, we will present our client, who will be the best evidence to present what happened and what the injuries are to the client. If there is scarring, we always show it to the defense personally. In other circumstances we use the photographs which are as graphic as possible taken immediately after the accident.

As you can see, the Personal Injury lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen leave no stone unturned in making certain that if one of our cases is going to mediation that we will do everything possible in order to put our best foot forward to get the client the absolute best recovery possible. We know that our client wants to put this behind them and move on with their lives. Although we are very appreciative of that, we will never settle our client’s case for anything but the highest settlement possible. We have been extraordinarily successful at settling cases at mediation for excellent value. In the six months, we have settled cases in mediations in excess of 2 ½ million dollars.

If you or a loved one was in any type of accident, including a dog bite or motorcycle, bicycle, or auto accident, please contact us. We would like to help you and to prove to you that we are the best lawyers to handle you or your loved one’s case. Please call us at 800-718-4658 or email us by completing the email inquiry on the right.

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