Wearing Headphones While Bicycle Riding. Is it legal?

Many of us as cyclists have enjoyed our surroundings by pedaling along usually enjoying our favorite songs on our headphones or earbuds.  Cyclists listen to music for motivation purposes to ride faster and many listen so they do not have to think about their cycling.  

We do not recommend ear buds because they inhibit less outside sounds so you do not know your surroundings.  It is not illegal in most states to wear earbuds or headphones while cycling.  Of course, we recommend highly you listen to your music at a reasonable volume so that outside sounds are not drowned out.  Remember, we are California bicycle lawyers who specialize in biking accidents, California bike accidents and bicycle accidents in general.

The three states that regulate use of headphones or earbuds are California, Maryland and Delaware.  Maryland and Delaware prohibit the use of headsets in both ears.  In California one ear must be left uncovered.  Only 5 states regulate the use of headphones by bicyclists.  Florida and Rhode Island absolutely prohibit the use of headsets while cycling.  California, Delaware and Maryland prohibit earbuds use in both ears- you can only wear them in one ear at a time so that the other ear is left uncovered.

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