Rules Of The Road For Bicyclists

bicycle accident laweyer
bicycle accident laweyer

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bicycle accident laweyer
bicycle accident laweyer
bicycle accident laweyer
bicycle accident laweyer
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bicycle accident laweyer

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$1,850,000.00 for bicycle vs. pickup truck crosswalk accident causing the death of a teenager.

$750,000 Settlement for 16 year old male who suffered traumatic brain injury from negligent operation of amusement park bicycle type ride.

$550,000 Settlement for bike victim with car. He was knocked down when vehicle struckhim causing 43 year old male to undergo cervical herniation with laminectomy.

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Rules Of The Road For Bicyclists 

These are Rules of the Road if you want to ride a bike in any urban area
and be as safe as possible. When you are riding in the city you must
always remember some basic bicycle riding principles. As avid cyclists
we try to obey as many as possible.  Hopefully, they will keep you as
safe as possible even amongst traffic while you are around cars and trucks.

Always be extremely visible;

II. Always be aware of any dangerous condition or hazard in front of you;

III. Always look behind you or check over your shoulder to check what
the cars and trucks are doing and if they are overtaking you;

IV. Try to use hand signals as much as possible when you turn;

V. Always wear the brightest, most colorful, visible clothing and
always use your lights and reflectors at all times;

VI. Try to be aware to stay out of a car or truck or taxi cab’s blind

VII. Try to ride in a straight line;

VIII. Try to stay approximately 1 yard from the curb or 1 yard from
stationary cars so that you will not hit any sewer grates, pedestrians,
kids darting out, cars doors opening, etc.;

IX. If it’s too crowded for you, try to ride in the center of the
lane until more room opens up for you;

X. Remember, in California bicyclists and autos have the same rights
of the road. Therefore, a bicyclist must come to a full stop at red
lights and stop signs, slow down for Yield signs, ride with the flow of
traffic, etc.

Good luck out there.

If you have a cycling case, contact one of our cyclist lawyers at the Law Offices of Nadrich and Cohen immediately. We represent bicyclists throughout California and nationwide.

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bicycle accident laweyer

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