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bicycle accident laweyer
bicycle accident laweyer

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bicycle accident laweyer
bicycle accident laweyer
bicycle accident laweyer
bicycle accident laweyer
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bicycle accident laweyer

 Victories & Settlements

$1,850,000.00 for bicycle vs. pickup truck crosswalk accident causing the death of a teenager.

$750,000 Settlement for 16 year old male who suffered traumatic brain injury from negligent operation of amusement park bicycle type ride.

$550,000 Settlement for bike victim with car. He was knocked down when vehicle struckhim causing 43 year old male to undergo cervical herniation with laminectomy.

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Latest Bicycle Injury News

» What Makes Drivers Share Better with Cyclists (Wall Street Journal)
December, 2013

In our continuous efforts to bring you the latest concerning bicycling safety and laws attached is a December 10th, 2013 Wall Street Journal article on various state laws requiring motorists to leave at least 3 feet of space between them and a bicyclist when passing bicyclists.

Click to read: What Makes Drivers Share Better With Cyclists (PDF)

» 2013 Bicycle Accident Statistics – The Dangers of Intersections
January, 2013

The California bicycle accident attorneys at Nadrich & Cohen LLP are committed to defending bicycle accident victims in California and across the nation. Our bicycle accident attorneys keep this commitment by tirelessly defending our clients, by maintaining a firm understanding of the laws related to bicyclists and road safety, and by studying all of the latest trends and statistics. These numbers help us to understand the effectiveness or ineffectiveness-of current laws, and give us an indication as to what still needs to be done to make the roads safer for cyclists everywhere.

The Majority of bicycle accidents occur at interactions
Bike-car collisions can occur along bike lanes, in parking lots, or in the street, but 45 percent of these collisions occur at intersections. Quite often, a vehicle will drift into an intersection without taking the time to check for passing bicycles. Since bicycles move more quickly than pedestrians, a driver will often pass after only a quick glance, placing cyclists in extreme danger. It is very important that cyclists be especially diligent when crossing or entering intersections. Unfortunately, drivers are not always on the lookout for cyclists, so as a rider, you must pay twice as much attention to your surroundings. Because although only 11 percent of bicycle accidents involve automobiles, these accidents can carry the most deadly consequences.

Other Safety Measures
Increasing your visibility can also help to improve your safety while cycling. Wear bright colors and reflecting clothing, and use rear lamps and reflectors on your bike. Most importantly, always wear a helmet while riding, because even if you ride defensively and follow all of the laws, you need to be prepared for any eventuality.

Who is At Fault?
In general, the question of responsibility is determined by right-of-way, and by who followed - or did not follow - the rules of the road. But a cyclist has far more to lose in these collisions, and unfortunately, a motorist will seldom admit fault, even when he or she knowingly failed to properly look out for bicyclists. That's why it is so important to seek the services of a qualified legal team if you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a bicycle accident.

Call Nadrich & Cohen Today If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, or if someone you love has tragically lost their life, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Call the Law Offices of Nadrich & Cohen to speak with a qualified bicycle accident attorney. We fight aggressively on behalf of bicycle accident victims, and as contingency lawyers, we don't charge you a dime if we don't win your case. Call us today at 1-800-718-4658.

» Contact the Bicycle Lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen Today!
August 1, 2013

Nadrich & Cohen has settled many cyclist cases concerning cyclists who were riding in the crosswalk. We have been successful in proving that the motorist could and should have seen our cyclist client had the motorist been maintaining a proper lookout given the circumstances. We have proven in certain cases where the cyclist, in riding in the crosswalk, has chosen the best manner in which he can cross the street.

Of course, in most of these cases, the cyclist is riding slow enough so that the motorist can see the cyclist and has time to react to avoid any collision.

If you or a loved one was in a crosswalk bicycle accident or any other type of bicycle accident please contact the bicycle lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen today. Because of our success we have 18 offices in California. We have an office near you. Call today at 1-800-718-4658.

» Common Factors of Interest to All California Bicyclists.
February 15, 2013

Always remember that California requires that bicyclists have operating lights and reflectors at night and that bicyclists travel in the road and not the sidewalk, (there are exceptions for children) always travel in the same direction of traffic and stay in the lane closest to the right as much as possible. You should always have lights, both front and rear, which can be seen at least 400 away.

In an appropriate case we will analyze whether or not the designer of the roadway or responsible for maintenance is at fault for the accident.

We have had cases where there is an obstacle on the road and have successfully brought claims against the entity or company which caused the obstacle.

» Sharing of bicycles becoming more popular in the United States.
August 30, 2011

The free system of bike sharing which is popular in certain cities of Europe where all you do is take a bike from a designated area, ride it and either return it to the original rack or drop it off at the next rack is gaining hold in the United States. It works as follows, you purchase a membership, swipe your card, check out a bike, the price goes to your card which is your membership fee either hourly, daily, monthly or yearly.

The companies “B-cycle” and “Trek” are currently building docking stations and providing tracking systems for the new projects.

B-cycle is in eleven cities including Chicago, Denver, Boulder and certain counties in Florida.

The Bixi program is in Boston and in Washington.

Of course, for a bicycle to succeed in this project it will have to be rugged, smartly designed and can withstand the environment.

This is so new it has only been ongoing for one year. The largest programs are currently in Denver, Minneapolis and Washington. Washington’s program currently reports over 150,000 rides per day.

Bike sharing is becoming more popular amongst all people including government employees, as it provides alternative transportation because of the high price of gas and for exercise.

It is also being marketed to combat obesity, for green transportation and health consciousness.

We support bike sharing and want to see it in all cities throughout California and nationwide.

» Mass Bike Rides in Los Angeles/“ Midnight Ridazz”

Sicteen years ago cyclists in San Francisco got together one evening to pedal through the streets.
» Continue to Read (PDF)

bicycle accident laweyer

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