Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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Bicycle Accident Lawyer

We are bicycle accident lawyers. We have a statewide bicycle law practice representing bicyclists from Eureka to San Diego. Bicycle law and helping injured cyclists is very important to us. Within our site, you can find much information to help you, including what we can do to help you as bicycle injury lawyers, preventative bike safety, defective road conditions, defective bicycle components, and how a bicyclist can assert their rights through the legal system.
We have been riding bikes all of our lives. Randal Cohen and Jeffrey Nadrich both ride bikes regularly and both rode their bikes while at University of California at Santa Barbara and University of California at Berkeley. We have never stopped riding our bikes and still ride regularly. We are different from other personal injury law firms in that we are bicyclists first and personal injury lawyers second who represent bicyclists who are injured.
For this reason, we have at any one time over 75 to 100 bicycling clients. If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, you need a lawyer who knows everything possible about what rights you have as a bicyclist. As our website contains in detail, we know the rights and will let you know the rights of a cyclist on the road. Because of our reputation and success, we are brought in to handle bicycle cases throughout the country.
By hiring us, you will hire a lawyer who understands cycling, a cyclist’s rights and lawyers who know how to deal with the police and law enforcement when they wrongfully conclude that a cyclist was at fault in an accident. We will evaluate everything, hire experts, obtain photos, interview witnesses, and, go to the scene of the accident.
Our Bicycle Accident Team will investigate and, where appropriate, closely analyze any damage that occurred to the bicycle, such as chipped paint, stressed metal, bent wheels and torn brake pads.  We will examine the remains of a bike wreck and seek to counter a motorist’s typical claim that a cyclist was speeding, squeezed the brake levers too hard, or swerved into traffic.
Contact Nadrich & Cohen, LLP now, if you or a loved one have been injured in a bicycle accident, by a defective cycling product or dangerous cycling path or roadway. Call 1-800-718-4658 now for a free consultation with a Cycling Injury Specialist, or you can complete the free consultation request form on this page. We promise that a member of our team will respond to your request within 24 hours.


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